Version 0.2 Testing Complete!

Over 800 Downloads!

That wraps up testing for Frog Island Version 0.2. Thank you all so much for playing our game, giving us feedback and making YouTube videos. It means a lot, and it really helps us with development. Every time you play our game, we can make it better.

We might go quiet for a bit now, but fear not, we are working on Version 0.3. This will include more content (finally!) and some bug fixes that we identified through this testing period. If you can't wait that long, you can keep up with us on twitter : @frogislandgame , where we post development updates, screenshots and videos, and possibly competitions in the future ? 

That's all for now, 

Oliver, Kingsley, and Froggy 🐸

Get Frog Island (Version 0.4A)

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