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Frog Island Build Version 0.4A:

Frog Island is a 3D platformer, where you are a small frog with a big tongue and bigger ambitions. Use your tongue to swing yourself and fling obstacles to get to the end as fast as possible. 

When it comes to Frog Island, the core design goal was to make the game “all about the tongue”, giving the player full control over it, using it to swing from pipe to pipe, drag and throw obstacles, and even go fishing. 

Key features of Frog Island Include:

  • Unique interactions in every level based on the core mechanic, including rowing a boat, throwing darts, and creating bridges from island to island.
  • The game is designed for casual players taking it easy, with a forgiving checkpoint system, and easy platforming, but also experienced players trying to beat their best time, with hidden shortcuts, and technically difficult platforming.
  • Secret coins, bananas, and hats for the frog hidden in every level, for players who like to explore and collect it all.

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Check out the games Twitter:  @frogislandgame
Check out the Dev's Twitters:  @ojaypopedev and @BeardyKing


WASD : Movement and Swinging


LEFT CLICK: Shoot Tongue

LEFT CLICK HOLD: Grab Objects/Pipes

RIGHT CLICK: Reel Tongue


Frog Island Version 0.4A (Protoplay) 131 MB

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The movement control feels good! And I enjoy the levels! Good job!
I wonder why the tongue control was designed as one button shoot and another button withdraw. I was imaging a simpler version: short click (shoot & withdraw); click and hold (shoot & stick); release button (withdraw). Don't know if this would work better. Perhaps you already tested a similar solution.

Made a video

Super enjoyed playing this game even tho I had a little rage in the middle haha! 😅 I did however manage to glitch the part I was stuck on to basically the end 👀 enjoyable tho, could play more levels 😀

Alright! So a few things, I really like the concept of this, in fact, i'd love to see multiple levels,with various obstacles and some cool tricks you can do using the pipes. But I'd also really love something you can do with the coins, like a shop where you can buy little hats for your frog or different frogs. (that'd be pretty good incentive to get more coins i think)

It could also be fun as a multiplayer game, frogging around with friends. I think this has a lot of cool potential and I was sad that it ended.

I got myself stuck in a fence post and said "Wow trampolines Best game ever!"

Thanks for playing the game! if you could send  a screenshot/video  to me of how you managed that to hello@frogislandgame.com , it would be really appreciated.

I enjoyed playing this adorable lil swingy wingy game

This was pretty entertaining. threw it into a video. Hope you enjoy 

Your game start at 6:04!

Really love the concept, but there are a lot of issues to iron out involving the physics and feeling of momentum. I left some detailed feedback for you in the survey. Not to get too down on you, I hope you stick with it because there are some good ideas here for sure.

Thanks for the feedback, its really helpful to get opinions back like this. The game is still in development, and one of the things we are continuing to work on is the fluidity of the swinging. Be sure to check out later updates of the game too, as when we change things like this we like to get people to test them.

It took me a moment to get used to the movement, but once I did it felt natural and pretty snappy. Its a really great concept and I look forward to playing more!


For as short as the games was, it was a really fun experience, hope to see more in the future :)

Made a video


Another great one! Love the commentary

Deleted 3 years ago

Your video looks great, thanks for making it. I like the sound the frog makes when you stick to things!

I love momentum based grappling hooks, I love frogs, and I love a good challenge. Excited for future updates.

Thanks a lot! We post about our updates on Twitter mainly: Check out twitter.com/BeardyKing and twitter.com/ojaypopedev for all that stuff! 

Made a video


Thanks for the video! Will let you know when V0.2 is up, we realised the last section is too hard :)

lovely stuff

Thanks for the feedback!